A 12-month mentor program for Studio Owners with Dylan Ayaloo

Do you own a successful yoga studio or business?

Would you like to take your studio to the next level and reach greater heights in 2020?

Are you a current studio owner but struggling to fulfil your goals, feeling disheartened and like your business is lacking momentum?

Are you an aspiring yoga studio or business owner, but not sure where or how to begin?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this mentorship program may be for you.

What's it all about?

Regardless of your field of work, your business is a direct reflection of your inner landscape. In other words, your relationship with money, your physical, emotional and spiritual health, your resilience and/or resistance to success, and belief in your own potential - all of the above get magnified in your business.

When it comes to turning the practice and teachings of yoga into a thriving source of income, there are many time-tested principles of business. We are currently living in the era whereby yoga is 'booming business', with more and more entrepreneurs entering this field and the demand for more powerful, knowledgable and transformational teachers/yoga studio owners increasing by the day.

Many standard business mentors lack a comprehensive understanding and intellect of the yoga business world. This can place you in a position of dilemma, being unsure of what information is useful and what you actually need to apply.

What makes our mentorship program so different to others?

Our mentorship program is like no other. As a highly successful studio and yoga business owner himself, Dylan's expertise, will navigate whatever it is that is blocking you from moving into your own greatness. In sharing and applying his own experience of starting his own studio from scratch, building a successful business from zero to, at its peak, close to a million pounds a year. Using simple and complex strategies the promise of this program is that over the twelve months each mentee will take their business and multiply it to between ten to thirty percent or more. Dylan's unique and exceptional committment to personal transformation will bring out astounding transformation in each mentee, that cannot be attained from working with any other business mentor.

This mentorship program is designed to support you in a multitude of ways, exceeding far beyond the scope of running a successful yoga studio/business. The program is open to a maximum of 12 passionate and dedicated studio owners across the globe. As a mentee you will be supported by Dylan on a one-to-one basis to uncover your authentic voice as a studio/business owner, entrepeneur and powerful yoga teacher.

At its core, yoking the strategies of running a successful yoga business with personal transformation and inner-work is what sets this mentorship program aside from any others. The program will focus on several key areas of yoga business, in addition to setting realistic and achievable (SMART) goals to navigate common stuggles that yoga studio owners face.

Pricing Tiers

Upper Tier

£ 1,000

Middle Tier

£ 300

Lower Tier

£ 150

The mentorship program has three tiers:

1. Upper Tier:

Cost: £1,000 per month (12 month recurring payment)

What this tier includes:

  • Included in the upper tier of the mentorship program mentees will get a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program.

  • Two one-to-one calls a month with Dylan to review different avenues of the business, from marketing, finances and human resources, to how the studio owner can strategically build and transform their business and reach their business goals.

  • Access to a Virtual Boardroom once a month. This will take place through an online webinar. An agreed time where all 12 mentees get together and act as board members. Each month one business will get the chance to present their business, their mission and where they are in relation to their goals for the year. The board of directors will then feedback and input their own constructive feedback into how the business can be enhanced.

  • Monthly topic-based online webinar. Dylan will focus on a different component of mindset and/or business each month, for example, finding and hiring the right team members, and creating a certain studio culture.

  • Studio owner mentorship retreat. Mentees will choose a time and place to attend a mentorship retreat in November/December 2020.

2. Middle Tier:

Cost: £300 per month (12 month recurring payment)

What this tier includes:

  • Middle tier mentees will receive full access to the Virtual Boardroom but do not get the opportunity to present their own business.

  • Private access to the monthly topic-based online webinar with Dylan.
  • Option to attend the mentorship retreat at a discounted price.

3. Lower Tier:

£150 per month (12 month recurring payment) - great for new studio owners or those in the early stages of setting up their own yoga business.

What this tier includes:

  • Lower tier mentees will receive private access to the monthly topic-based online webinar with Dylan.

  • Option to attend the mentorship retreat at full price.

12-Month Studio Owner Mentorship Program launches in:

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If you have any further questions or concerns as to whether this is the right mentorship program for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Dylan below.