With Dylan Ayaloo

This 3 day event will help you unblock what's holding you back, limiting you from reaching greater heights, living the happiest and fullest life you possibly can. Take your life to new levels of happiness, joy, peace, contentment. Know yourself and live an awakened life from your truest and fullest potential. 

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Why am I so exhausted? 

Ever wondered why you're so exhausted? What is it thats running the show and causing this to happen. Find out more here. 

How to change the world around you

Wouldn't it be easier if we can just change the world around us? Find out in this video how you can completely impact your world to change around you. 

How to be free of all your problems

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have any more problems? Find out here how to be free of all your problems.


When: Friday 5/7/2019 - Sunday 7/7/2019 

Times:     9am - 6pm

Where:  TBA

Price:      £300

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