become a yoga leader

Join us in the lush paradise of Bali in March 2020 for the 9 Day Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. 

Take your yoga practice to the next level. Transform and expand your life to new found levels of power, joy, happiness, and live your true purpose in this lifetime. Develop and harness yourself as a yoga leader and create positive change on the planet. 

When:           7th - 15th March 2020

Where:         Gili Air, Bali 

Early Bird:   £2000 (expires 1st Oct) *

Full Price:    £2300 *

* Program price does not include food & accommodation or flights. 

Who is this training for? 

Anyone who has graduated with a 200 hour yoga teacher training as a minimum and wants to take their life and teaching to new levels.

What are the key areas we will focus on and what makes our program so unique?

  • Inner work and transformation (Setting you apart from other teachers)
  • Finding your voice and confidence (Making your teaching unique to you and your offering)
  • Advanced sequencing workshops (So you stand out as a powerful & magnetic yoga teacher)
  • Business workshops (Taking your business to the next level)

What you will get out of this training?

  • Evolve your yoga teaching to inspiring impactful levels
  • Learn how to be an inspiring, heartfelt and magnetic yoga teacher
  • Sequencing mastery 
  • Learn basic healing techniques and how to apply it to your own practice and into your classes
  • Leadership in your own life and your impact into the world
  • Step up on your personal practice 

Why you should consider this training?

  • You want to delve deeper into the teachings & practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, personal transformation and healing
  • You want to develop to be a powerful leader in your community
  • You'd like to take your yoga teaching to new heights, as well as inspire and impact lives on a deeper, more profound level 
  • You'd like to make yoga teaching a viable career and lifestyle 
  • You'd like to bring healing into your life and those around you

Your facilitators

Dylan Ayaloo

Sandra Robinson

A life changing training in paradise

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