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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Dylan Ayaloo in Bali, Indonesia

Join us in the lush paradise of Bali, Indonesia for this 9 Day Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

This program will transform your life as a powerful human being, inspiring heartfelt yoga teacher and advanced practitioner. Take your yoga practice to the next level, transform and expand your life to new found levels of power, joy, happiness, and live your true purpose in this lifetime. You'll leave a yoga leader who harnesses and brings positive change to both your life and the planet.
Together, we will explore basic healing techniques through extremely powerful meditation practices and techniques. These healing techniques will cover three main aspects:

- Giving healing(s) to yourself during your yoga practice.
- Sending healing(s) to a group or a single person in a class

- Clearing and setting the energy of the room.

Format: Residential Training

* This price quoted is only for the teacher training program and does not include flights, accommodation or food costs. Cost of accommodation and food can be provided upon request.

Who is this training for?

Anyone who has graduated with a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training as a minimum and wants to take their life and teaching to new levels.


What are the key areas we will focus on and what makes our program so unique?

- Inner work and transformation: setting you apart from other yoga teachers
- Extremely powerful meditation and healing techniques: teaching you how to give healings to both yourself and your students, and how to clear the energy of the room
- Finding your authentic voice and confidence: making your teaching style unique to you and your offering
- Advanced sequencing workshops: making you stand out as a powerful and magnetic yoga teacher
- Business workshops: taking your business to the next level.

What you will get out of this training?

- Evolve your yoga teaching to inspiring and impactful levels
- Learn how to be an inspiring, heartfelt and magnetic yoga teacher
- Harness sequencing mastery
- Learn basic healing techniques and how to apply it to your own practice and into your classes
- Leadership in your own life and your impact into the world
- Step up your personal practice

This training is for you, if you would like to...

- Delve deeper into the teachings and practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, personal transformation and healing
- Become a powerful leader in your community
- Bring healing into your life and those around you
- Take your yoga teaching to new heights, as well as inspire and impact lives on a deeper, more profound level
- Make yoga teaching a viable career and lifestyle, and grow your yoga business.

What can you expect from the venue and location?

This advanced yoga teacher training will take place in an island just off the coast of Lombok (an island east of Bali), with beautiful turquoise waters and stunning reefs. Come along and witness incredible sunsets and sunrises, and enjoy the laidback energy of the island. You’ll find that it is an incredibly peaceful island, too, with no motorised vehicles anywhere in sight.

The venue where your training will take place is nestled in nature, and is made from organic materials. Whether you opt for a room or a traditional bungalow, you’ll enjoy an en-suite bathroom, hot water, air-conditioning, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, microfiber pillows and duvets and more, ensuring you enjoy a true 5-Star stay. The venue places emphasis on high-quality service, sustainability and aim to create a magical experience for all their guests.

Meet the Course Facilitators


Dylan is a Transformation Leader, International Yoga Teacher and World Class Yoga Teacher Trainer. He has mentored and trained several hundred teachers globally to bring out the best in their students, by beginning the transformation with themselves first.

Learn more about Dylan here.



I am a level 5 certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a Forrest Yoga guardian, registered as a Senior Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance. I have been assisting Ana Forrest from Berlin to Cape Town since 2009. I thrive on teaching workshops, retreats and continuous education for yoga teachers where space is created for students to fully immerse themselves, have room to simply be and to connect to their spirit.

Learn more about Sandra here.

Payment Plans

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We offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships. It is open to individuals that have a regular yoga practice and are ready to take the next step into teaching yoga.

How to apply: to apply for a full or partial scholarship please click the button below to complete your scholarship application form, our Scholarship Board will then review your application and be in touch.



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