AWAKEN to the powerful teacher within

200 Hr Teacher Training Program

with Dylan Ayaloo

This program is about you finding out what your true potential is and living from it. It is about you being a powerful, heartfelt, magnetic, inspiring yoga teacher. 

Content and structure of the program:

The program is split into 3 gears/logical parts. 

1st Gear/Section: 

  • Experiential learning, taught in a fun, engaging, playful way so your body, nervous system remembers what you need to know and you may surprise yourself what comes out when you teach
  • Learn our "12 principles of Being a Powerful Teacher" and other powerful principle based systems Dylan has developed over the years of training hundreds of teachers
  • Grow your yoga practice significantly, even if you're an advanced practitioner
  • Daily empowering yoga asana practices and meditations, pranayama (breathwork)
  • Posture workshops, where you learn how to modify the practice for all body types and needs
  • Begin your teaching journey, from Day 1 you will begin teaching and continue to develop and sharpen your teaching until end of the program
  • Delve into areas of knowledge of yoga (eg: yoga philosophy, chakra system, breathing techniques etc) to make you a well rounded yoga teacher with all the tools you need to be powerful
  • Other systems Dylan's developed to shape you into a powerful, inspiring, magnetic teacher
  • Practice teaching with live feedback sessions in many different formats so you're ready for anything
  • Meet our outstanding co-facilitators - Sandra & Maria
  • Sandra is a very senior level, highly sought after yoga teacher, studio owner and body psychotherapist - she brings some powerful content and also partners with Dylan to deliver some of  deeper transformational process work of the program
  • Maria is a physiotherapist, anatomy specialist and outstanding yoga teacher - she teaches the 2 Days of Functional Anatomy in a fun, playful, engaging way so you'll know more than what most yoga teachers know and be able to solve your students yoga postural problems and weave in anatomy into your teaching easefully. 

2nd Gear: 

  • Learn how to teach workshops and participate in one
  • Teach Community Classes - gain experience of teaching in live environments
  • Hands-on Assisting/Adjustments (not the full blown Assisting Program)
  • Assignments and homework that are fun (not boring textbook) which will develop you into a badass yoga teacher

3rd Gear: 

  • Using the tools of yoga and transformation, we delve into life's bigger questions - "Who are you?", "Why are you here?", "What's the life you dream of and what's in the way?", "What's going to make you a powerful, inspiring, heartfelt, magnetic yoga teacher?" - these are some of the things that make this program unique and no where else in the world offers these tools and depth of internal work in a teacher training 
  • Delve deeper into areas of knowledge of yoga
  • Yoga of Business session - learn first hand from Dylan what he's learnt from building one of London's leading yoga studios and communities in the past 10 year, from his hard knocks and what it takes to create a successful, wholistic approach to your yoga business, whether you want to teach for a gym/studio or own your own studio or anything in between. 
  • Exams to make sure you know your stuff and leave rocking your yoga knowledge
  • Completion ceremony which will leave you full of energy and inspiration to walk back into your life and create for yourself whatever you've discovered for yourself in your program

Structure (2 Formats):

  • City/Urban: 5 Weeks: 9 Day Intensive + 2 Weekends + 9 Day Intensive
  • Residential: 23 days

Price:   £3500 (Early Bird: Save £300) 

From 1st May 2018, full price is £3500 and early bird is £3200. 

(Program cost only - excluding accommodation, flights, food and any other costs)

Click here for accommodation options for Ibiza

Dates & Locations:   

  • Sept 2018 - Nottingham (Early Bird ends: 1st May2018) 
    • First 9 Day Intensive:  1st - 9th Sep
    • Middle 2 Weekends:   15 & 16th Sep, 22 & 23rd Sep
    • Final 9 Day Intensive:  29th Sep - 7th Oct
  • Nov 2018 - Ibiza (Early Bird ends: 1st August 2018) 
  • Feb 2019 - Sri Lanka (Early Bird ends: 1st Oct 2018)
    • Residential TT:  2nd - 24th Feb 2019

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