AWAKEN to the Powerful Teacher within You.

This program is about you finding out what your true potential is and living from it. It is about you being a powerful, heartfelt, magnetic, inspiring yoga teacher.

Content and Structure of the Program

The program is split into 3 gears:


  • Experiential learning, taught in a fun, engaging and playful way so your body and nervous system remembers what you need to know.
  • Learn the "12 Principles of Being a Powerful Teacher" and other powerful principle based systems Dylan has developed over the years of training hundreds of teachers around the globe.
  • Grow your yoga practice significantly, even if you're an advanced practitioner.
  • Daily empowering yoga asana practices, meditations and pranayama (breathwork).
  • Posture workshops, where you learn how to modify the practice for all body types and needs.
  • From Day 1 you will begin teaching and continue to develop and sharpen your teaching until end of the program. You will receive live feedback on your teaching.

  • Delve into areas of yoga knowledge such as yoga philosophy, the chakra system, and breathing techniques, to make you a well-rounded yoga teacher with all the tools you need to be powerful.

  • Co-teaching on the program is Sandra Robinson, is a very senior level, highly sought after yoga teacher, studio owner and body psychotherapist. She brings some powerful content and also partners with Dylan to deliver much deeper transformational process work of the program.

  • You will be taught two full days of Functional Anatomy in a fun, playful and engaging way so you'll know more than what most yoga teachers know, be able to solve your students yoga postural problems and weave in anatomy into your teaching easefully.

  • The anatomy sessions will teach you more about movement principles and the anatomy of the body to better understand safe and stable physical alignment, both in your own and your students’ practice. Due to the sessions being taught in a fun, experiential way you will learn more in these two days of anatomy than you would in any other teacher training program, making our program so much more powerful!

  • Learn how to teach workshops and participate in one.
  • Teach Community Classes - gain experience of teaching in live environments.
  • Hands-on Assisting/Adjustments (a much briefer version of the Hands-On Assisting Program).
  • Assignments and homework that are fun (not boring textbook) which will develop you into a badass yoga teacher!

  • Using the tools of yoga and transformation, we delve into life's bigger questions, for example, "Who are you?", "Why are you here?", "What's the life you dream of and what's in the way?", "What's going to make you a powerful, inspiring, heartfelt, magnetic yoga teacher?" - these are some of the things that make this program unique and no where else in the world offers these tools and depth of internal work in a teacher training.

  • Delve deeper into areas of knowledge of yoga.

  • Yoga of Business session - learn first hand from Dylan what he's learnt from building one of London's leading yoga studios and communities in the past 10 year, from his hard knocks and what it takes to create a successful, wholistic approach to your yoga business, whether you want to teach for a gym/studio, own your own studio or anything in between.

  • Exams to make sure you know your stuff and leave rocking your yoga knowledge!

  • Completion ceremony which will leave you full of energy and inspiration to walk back into your life and create for yourself whatever you've discovered for yourself in your program.

Course Facilitators


Dylan is a Transformation Leader, International Yoga Teacher and World Class Yoga Teacher Trainer. He has mentored and trained several hundred teachers globally to bring out the best in their students, by beginning the transformation with themselves first.

Learn more about Dylan here.


Sandra is a Level 5 Certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a Forrest Yoga Guardian, registered as a Senior Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance. She has been assisting Ana Forrest from Berlin to Cape Town since 2009. She thrives on teaching workshops, retreats and continuous education for yoga teachers where space is created for students to fully immerse themselves, have room to simply be and to connect to their spirit.

Learn more about Sandra here.


Maria is a Level 4 certified Forrest Yoga teacher and owner of imagin-abel Studio in Austria. Maria frequently travels teaching workshops and trainings based on her thorough knowledge in physiotherapy, functional anatomy, perinatal yoga support, and Native Medicine practices. Maria is committed to create a sacred space for healing, to realign the body and mind and cultivate healthy habits. Maria’s method of teaching is fun and very light with the idea that we need these qualities in oder to learn and thrive.

Learn more about Maria here.

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A Personal Transformation & Yoga Virtual Training

Wednesday 24th & 26th June: 6-8 pm, Sunday 28th June: 3-5 pm

  • Dip your toes into what Teacher Training is all about and sample some modules from the full program.
  • Grow your postural practice significantly, learn meditation, delve deeper into personal inquiry, introspective and transformational work, learn yoga philosophy, play with your dream poses, meet some like minded people and make some deep connections, and most of all learn more about you and how to navigate through life more skilfully.
  • Suitable for regular yoga practitioners (non-yoga teachers) or new and experienced yoga teachers.

Hear from Past Students

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